Weekly brightness 10/11/14


Honda "The other side"

Absolutely great video from W&K London for Honda, this is really video engagement brought to the next level.
Below you'll find the trailer, click on the headline to watch the double sided experience. Super-cool.

Pictionary Mall Surprise

Interactive billboards are fashionable more than ever in the last months, but this case from Mattel is worth to be mentioned.

VW Bumper Cars

Brilliant idea to promote VW's breaks system.

The next big thing in digital? Common sense.

Interesting and down-to-hearth article by Jerry Daykin on the state of the art in digital. Well, there are no predictions on the next big thing that will change the adv business forever, but just a call for more common sense. It's funny to see how many
adv-people have forgotten how relevance and targeting are still the core of this business.

Apple’s secret sauce is in driving adoption

"Just 72 hours after going live, Apple Pay surpassed all other previous contactless payment technologies combined".
Apple beats every competitor when it comes
to the power of the brand.