Weekly brightness 03/11/14

Neflix's outdoor campaign reacts in real time with GIFs

Wonderful campaign for the launch of Netflix in France, a remarkable case for digitalization of traditional media.
First of all, the adv is interesting because it taps into the current culture both speaking the GIF language and using contents coming from tv series and movies.  Then, the real time contents add a layer of everlasting relevance that traditional outdoor could never reach. Just brilliant, watch the video below!


Jack Daniels Bar Stories

Absolutely great branded content by Jack Daniels. 
JD developed a digital hub which gathers together video and audio stories coming from American bars. The craziness of the stories and the unique personality of each character fuel that kind of drinking mythology that keep you scrolling down for other contents. Really beautifully executed.

Your brand is software, 
not a person: new metaphor
for changed times 

An excellent piece by Martin Wiegel (as usual) on why brands as software is a better metaphor that the human characteristics that we often attribute to them.

Build your own Mercedes on Instagram

Car’s personalization isn’t really new but Mercedes let customers do that on Instagram. That’s a really innovative
use of the platform for an automotive brand. 

2014 Digital Strategy Toolbox

An useful deck from Julian Cole of BBH New York which includes some of the most handy tool to develop a digital communication strategy. Enjoy.