Weekly brightness 17/11/14

Yes, we can.
(keep the Internet free)

Linked with the title you'll find President Obama’s plan for a free and open internet. "Net neutrality" is the first condition to give voice to every democratic need.

YouTube Music Key subscription service is unveiled

YouTube is going to compete directly with Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music and other audio-only "unlimited" music services. 
With Music Key users will stream music videos offline and no ads for a $9.99/£9.99/9.99€ monthly fee. It sounds like a serious opportunity for Google to break into Spotify's leadership on music, wait and see.

The future of retail

A really interesting presentation about trends in tech and retail with a lot of case studies. Check it out.


Tired of any other case about experiential vending machine?
Watch this brilliant video by creative agency TAXI Canada.

“Win” Christmas with Facebook

According to Facebook, Christmas is traditionally the most active period on the social network. Whatever the period, Facebook stands at the heart of people’s digital lives and every brand should take that into consideration while setting up their media ecosystem. Check out this interesting guide on how to integrate Facebook across multiple channels and devices.