Weekly brightness 10/10/14


Live in Levi's

Extremely neat and well executed digital project by Levi's.
The video is nice and is all about how every jeans has a personal story, with not too invasive shoppable tags. 
I like also how the site combines contents from both the brand's own stores and social media.



"Every project starts with a brief.
But very few projects end up with exceptional results. Why?"
Briefly is a beatiful short film by Tom Bassett who interviewed some of the worlds most acclaimed creative talents, such as Frank Gehry (Founder Gehry Partner) or John C Jay (President @ GX, Partner @ Wieden + Kennedy). "The end goal of Briefly is to help inform and inspire future generations of collaborators to write better briefs and manage the briefing process differently in order to help lead to exceptional creative results".
A load of inspiring thinking.

Netflix is tackling Hollywood

I often write on this blog about the disruptive business model of Netflix but now things seem to be different. Netflix is not competing with HBO, Hululu or any other broadcaster. It is competing with Hollywood in the film industry, from the production to the distribution. Adam Sandler reached indeed a deal with Netflix to produce and star in four movies available exclusively on the video-streaming service. Higher payback, lower (if any) risk and more creative control. In addition, Netflix is also teaming up with the Weinstein Company to release the sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” simultaneously across the globe on Netflix and a select number of Imax cinemas.

Native ads in music videos

Universal Music Group signed a deal to allow brands to pay to have their products seamlessly inserted into music videos in post-production and through a bid. It's a kind of real time bidding for product placement in video music. Really interesting.

Fantastic Twitter Tools You Might Not Know About

This is a very useful list put together by Charlie Southwell over the last few weeks of free Twitter tools for analysis, management, etc.. Worth it to take a look.