Weekly brightness 13/10/14

Snapchat VS Facebook

Cool video which shows how Snapchat is overcoming Facebook among the US teens.

Greenpeace succeeds in doing its LEGOlution!

What a brilliant and meaningful campaign by Greenpeace which convinced LEGO to not renew its contract with Shell. Besides the noble purpose of fighting against an Arctic destroyer company, it's really significant how Greenpeace carried on its battle using the LEGO brand. Well, if companies don't own their brands anymore, at least we can hope in wiser others' strategy.

Atlas starts the battle for digital adv revenues

Atlas is the new ad-platform launched by Facebook which will provide cross-device conversions for display ads. This article shows a comprehensive overview on Atlas and its possible future effects on the advertising industry. 


Why strategy should be seen as a soap opera

An interesting article by Tracey Follows (chair of the Account Planning Group) which offers a summary of the Account Planning Group’s annual Big Thinking on Strategy conference.

Made by Many: Six "what if" moments

Made by Many represents a new breed of agency which combines talented designers, engineers and strategists. They don't make ads and campaigns for companies, they help them to "invent, prototype, launch and scale new products and digital services that people love to use and that fit with business objectives". Tim Malbon - Made by Many's Founding Partner - was recently named as one of Revolution Magazine’s ‘Future 50′ and one of the the “marketers, authors, entrepreneurs, and thinkers who will shape the digital industry of tomorrow”. Its talk below is a bit long but really inspiring.