Hi. I’m Gaetano Venuti and this blog is a medley of thoughts
on advertising, media, marketing, emerging technologies
and a few other things besides. At the end of the day, 
it’s all about people's understanding.



A blog interested in people over consumers

An attempt to address things that really matter

A media neutral view over brands communication

A claim for strategy and creativity to walk on the same path

A source for fresh, inspiring, juicy ideas

A selection of brands’ storytelling that push the envelop

A different angle to look at the bizarre world of Adland


An orthodoxy of the most fashioned trend of the moment

A collection of posts filled with obscure, empty, meaningless jargon

A pathetic diary of my private life  

- hard to believe, but many “professional” blogs do that –

An amplifier of a boundless ego

A place of intellectual prostitution for clients’ and friends’ sake

The opinion of my employer


- probably the first question that buzzed in your mind -

Just frills is not the semantic opposite of no frills

Just frills is a bit of a provocation

Communication as a whole used to be considered just frills

It’s no longer that time – if ever was -

Those frills can now influence the whole picture

The shape of a product

The understanding of people

The direction of a brand

Above all

A no frills approach might be boring, cold, empty

The so-called frills create empathy between brands and people

Spark fascination and interest

Ignite magic and sugar high reactions

As a final effect of all this, the same frills generate value

Those frills are essential